Space exploration has captivated humanity for decades, first as an idea and later as reality. When space exploration initially became a reality, it was largely due to public funding from the world’s most powerful governments.

Now, space exploration has expanded its reach beyond national programs to become a parallel pursuit of wealthy capitalist enterprises. But this leaves a huge gap…how can everyday people with the drive and capacity to contribute to this journey participate?

Space Decentral exists to fill this gap. Something in between national program and private enterprise: a global, public, citizen-led space program open to anyone who is willing to participate, welcoming to anyone with the drive to change the future.

Space Decentral exists to increase the probability of humanity's survival. Some of our activities will relate to mitigating current existential risks, while other activities will relate to research and development to reduce the costs of space travel. Activities will even include writing articles like this and building community.

We see space travel as a human right, not a luxury. Surely, while space travel seems like luxury today, this perception represents but a small window compared to the centuries in which we might survive and thrive as an interstellar species.

We don’t perceive of space travel as tourism, but instead as free movement. Once the movement through space (be it within Earth, or beyond Earth) no longer is a function of capital, a page will turn on how we exist and how we live.

Thus we find it important to enable equal access to space travel, and we believe that equal access can be accelerated if a third type of space program exists, one that is for the people, and by the people. Although: Space Decentral aims to contribute to more than just the design of physical systems, but also to the very base layer of how we govern, interact, transact, and cooperate as humans.

The vision of Space Decentral has been in the making since the fall of 2016, and the tools to connect all interested parties to participate are almost ready to be launched. Now we ask: how do you want to contribute to our probable future of becoming interstellar? We invite you to introduce yourself in our chat room and be part of this next chapter.