We are launching the Maximum Jailbreak magazine with the pilot episode of our podcast, featuring Benedict Singleton, who first introduced the Maximum Jailbreak meme.

We'll cover all things space, but with a special focus on citizen space projects for open decentralized space mission planning, design, computing, prototyping, manufacturing, testing, and operations.

We want to amplify the voice of all space enthusiasts, anywhere, who don't feel represented by the space establishment. We are persuaded that space is too important to be left to big governments and corporations.

Similarly, space is not only for technologists and engineers, but also for enthusiasts oriented to softer disciplines and the arts. Eventually, we want to play an important role in humanity's future in space, from humble beginnings near the Earth to awesome adventures among the stars.

Make no mistake, this is a very ambitious project. We’ll strive to create a top media venture that will carry the voices of top space thinkers, experts, leaders, and enthusiasts. In particular, we want to carry, amplify and promote YOUR voice.

Please follow Maximum Jailbreak on Twitter and Facebook. Please feel free to comment using our Disqus comment system, or in our Facebook group.

Please consider contributing to Maximum Jailbreak. We‘ll welcome and review your posts, videos, artwork, and suggestions. Being acutely aware that active contributors must be compensated, we’re designing and will implement a compensation scheme.

Image from Wikimedia Commons.